Open To Buy Software Features

  Compare OTB Wizard to any other provider on the market.  OTBW sets the standard of excellence and is offered at the very lowest prices.   Print this page and compare.

      Time required:                              Time is not a significant factor.   They all take time.

       Setup Fee:                                   $100 reduced temporarily to $25

       Monthly Fee:                                    First month free. 
                                                        Based on Annual Retail Sales:
                                                        > $3M               $200/month
                                                        > $1M               $100/month
> $500K             $60/month
                                                        > $250K             $50/month
                                                        <$250K              $40/month

       Initial Training:                             One hour telephone walk through.  No cost

       Support Fees:                               No cost email and telephone support

       POS Data Import:                         Available for an additional programming fee.

       Long Term Commitment:           No

       Classification Limits:                  Unlimited with editing available

       Platform compatibility:              Compatible with all computers & browsers

       Planning for Multiple Shops:     Central or Satellite management
                                                             Composite Reports

       Upgrades:                                    Automatic & no-cost

       Reports:                                       Plan vs Actual
                                                            Budget Planning
                                                            Merchandise On Order
                                                            Planned Inventory & Sales
                                                            Open To Buy
                                                            Shop Report
                                                            Executive Summary
                                                           Annual Comparisons                                            

       At-Cost / At-Retail:                 Your choice.  one click selection

       Golf Version Available:            Yes.  includes Sales/Round

       Top Down/Bottom Up:             Both.  Your choice

       Purchase Orders & tracking:   Yes - or time saving "On-Order" entries

       Retail standards:                     Expect improvement in Turns, ROI, COGS, Margins,etc.

       How does OTBW do it?                     No salespersons/salaries/commissions



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